Driver Vehicle
Inspection Reports

Fleet compliance with DVIR regulations

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, or DVIRs, are an essential safety check for any commercial vehicle. These daily inspections, performed before work begins and again at the end of the day, help ensure road safety and keep vehicles in good condition. And they’re required by law.

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ES Track simplifies maintenance reporting.

Recording and storing Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports on paper costs time and money. ES Track simplifies this process by letting drivers record defects from any tablet or smartphone. Reporting defects, requesting repairs and resolving issues is as simple as a few clicks.

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Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting with ES Track are as simple as entering some basic information on vehicle and driver, selecting defects and signing off. Defect reports show up immediately on the fleet manager or mechanic’s DVIR report leading to quicker turnaround on repairs and minimized downtime.



Because all data is stored and maintained electronically, messy paper logs are eliminated. Drivers and mechanics sign off digitally, simplifying the resolution process. Fleet managers can access stored reports any time to spot trends or identify potential problems. In event of an audit, all necessary documentation is right on hand.



With ES Track there are no more mistakes or misunderstanding due to poor handwriting, miscommunication or misfiling. Everything is presented in a consistent, easy-to-understand format, saving time and money wasted searching or deciphering reports.

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What needs to be inspected for DVIRs?                                                                                          Is a separate DVIR necessary for each vehicle and vehicle combination?                             Does a DVIR need to be turned in daily for trips longer than one day?                                   Is there a specified format for DVIRs?                                                                                            Do all repairs listed on a DVIR need to be completed before the vehicle is driven again? How does this law apply to rental companies?                                                                             How and where must DVIRs be stored and maintained?                                                            

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