The ES Track Difference

Telematics for Total Fleet Management

All telematics technology is not created equal. You need a platform specifically designed for your unique needs. A solution that can help you solve all the challenges of mixed fleet management, from dispatching to reporting, real-time tracking to maintenance alerts. You need ES Track. The only telematics solution built by contractors, for contractors, ES Track gives you total control over all your vehicles and equipment. It’s simply a better way to manage your fleet.

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Putting all the information you need to manage your fleet more effectively at your fingertips, ES Track takes the headache out of fleet management.

Single dashboard view

Manage all your equipment, regardless of OEM, from one convenient dash.

Complex reporting simplified

ES Track provides easy access to information on usage, maintenance, ELD compliance and IFTA reporting.

Customizable alerts

Stay up to date on runtime,
engine status, driver behavior and geofence locations to identify issues as they happen.

A More Efficient Fleet

Vehicles or equipment, owned or rented, ES Track has all the tools you need to eliminate low utilization and maximize your entire fleet.


Expedited dispatching

Real-time GPS location and breadcrumb trails make it easy to track your equipment and take the guesswork out of scheduling.


Minimized downtime

Predictive intelligence helps prevent
critical breakdowns.


The right fleet size

Easily identify redundant or underutilized equipment to rent out or sell.

A New Standard for Safety

ES Track makes every jobsite safer by giving you the tools to prevent accidents before they happen.


Driver scorecards

Easily identify and address problem operators by tracking operating habits.


Hours of service tracking

Ensure OSHA and ELD compliance by tracking hours of service and generating alerts as limits are approached.


Prevent unauthorized use

When equipped with Sentry Keypad, ES Track gives you complete control over who’s using your equipment.

Constant connectivity

Real-time GPS location and geofencing boundaries  automatically alert you if an asset isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

Unrivaled control

In addition to preventing unauthorized use with Sentry Keypad, ES Track lets you remotely shut down any machine with the push of a button.

Restricted access

Sentry Keypad’s unique identification codes restrict access to approved users and jobsite hours.

and Peace
of Mind

When your equipment is equipped with ES Track, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected from theft, vandalism and unauthorized use.

More Money in Your Pocket

ES Track comes with a suite of tools to help you budget more effectively, control costs and improve overall profitability.

Exact costs per minute

Easily calculate costs related to usage, fuel consumption and labor down to the penny.

More competitive bids

Never over- or underbid again. ES Track will ensure you’re delivering accurate bids for every job.

Better accounting processes

Integrate your existing timecard and accounting systems to minimize waste and redundancy.

Eliminate fines

Prevent costly penalties related to IFTA reports and the ELD Mandate.