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ES Track Telematics knows.

ES Track Telematics

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ES Track is simply a better way
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Equipment Usage Report

Equipment Usage Report

Are you taking full advantage of every asset in your fleet? 
Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

Keep your fleet in peak operating condition with real-time vehicle diagnostics.
Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling

ES Track makes it easy to maintain and service everything in your fleet.
Access Control


With ES Track, no one uses your equipment without your approval.

Why ES Track?

Smarter decisions start with better data. And better data starts with ES Track, the only telematics solution purpose-built for contractors. ES Track gives you all the information you need to make better decisions about how your owned and rented equipment is used, operated and maintained. 

Less downtime. Maximized efficiency. An improved bottom line.

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Reduced Overtime

More efficient asset management means less wasted time and fewer overtime hours.

Remote Inspection

Reduce service trips by remotely capturing run hours and equipment data.

Accurate E-Logs

Replace messy and inaccurate paper logs with quick and precise digital records.

Better Utilization

See a clear picture of where your equipment is being used and how you can allocate it more effectively.

Enhanced Utilization

Easily and accurately track hourly rates against runtime in a defined area.

Simple Reporting

Generate reports on fuel taxes paid and owed for your entire fleet from one convenient platform.

Improved Productivity

Get insights and information help you work smarter, waste less and get better results.

Reduced Service Trips

Remote diagnostics identify potential issues before they become problems.

Fewer Breakdowns

Proactive maintenance reports lead to less downtime, saving time and money.


Hardware & Install

  • Hardware and installation included
  • Multiple tiers - based on your needs
  • Implementation and setup included
  • Post-sale Support and dedicated rep

Hardware Only

  • You self-install onto your equipment
  • Multiple tiers - based on your needs
  • Post-sale Support and dedicated rep
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