Simplify Your IFTA Reporting Process

ES Track fuel makes tax reporting easy.

Quarterly fuel reporting is a task most fleet managers dread. No one looks forward to poring over pages of receipts and logs to calculate how much time you spend in each jurisdiction and compiling fuel tax reports.

Now there’s an easier way.

Simplify Your Tax Reporting ↓

Easily Generate IFTA Reports

ES Track reduces your administrative burden by automating IFTA reporting.

With the click of a button, this IFTA software platform shows you exact fuel usage in any state. Integrate WEX, Comdata or other major fuel cards to simplify payments. Instead of poring over messy paper reports, generate accurate information about vehicle usage and fuel consumption with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Say goodbye to messy paper reports.

ES Track compiles IFTA reports in a fraction of the time.


Exact interstate and intrastate mileage for every vehicle in your fleet.


Fuel purchase and usage information for each jurisdiction.


Assign payments and generate reports in seconds.


Automated calculations mean minimized audit risk.

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Simple and powerful, ES Track takes the hassle out of quarterly fuel tax reporting.