Streamline your E-Logs & Hours of Service Reporting

ES Track Saves You Time by Providing Valuable Tools To Automate Your Reports

ELD tracking doesn’t have to be a time-consuming hassle. ES Track makes it easy to stay compliant with the e-logs mandate and OSHA requirements. And that means more productivity, eliminated fines and safer drivers.

When it comes to Hours of Service Tracking,
there’s only one solution — ES Track.

Streamline Your E-Logs ↓

Simple E–Logs

Safer drivers.
Eliminated fines.
Less paperwork.

ES Track makes it easy to track Hours of Service and generate Electronic Logs. This powerful HOS software solution shows you all your vehicles and equipment in one view. Real-time connectivity tells you exactly where and how every asset is being used. Accurate electronic driver logs from ES Track mean:

  • Real-time data on time operating and location
  • More productivity as drivers spend less time filling out logs
  • Less administrative headache calculating and reconciling HOS
  • Increased productivity and profitability

ES Track provides real-time information on drivers’ hours.


That means your drivers spend less time filling out paper logs, and more time focusing on safe driving. And unlike DVIRs that only record operation time, it also includes a wide range of other functionality to help you operate more safely, more efficiently and more profitably.

ES Track also gives you:

Constantly connected security functionality to eliminate theft and unauthorized use

Predictive maintenance tools with customizable alerts to keep your fleet up and running

Driver scorecards that help ensure your operators are safe and courteous

Integration with back-end software to reduce administrative burden

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