Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics
Made Simple

Keep your fleet in peak operating condition with real-time vehicle diagnostics. ES Track connects to vehicle diagnostics ports to actively monitor engine status and alert you to potential issues. Don’t get blindsided by another breakdown — fix problems before they happen.

Fix Equipment Problems Before They Happen

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are no trouble

ES Track analyzes and generates immediate alerts for DTC. That means the second something starts to go wrong, you can take action, whether it’s shutting down the asset or dispatching maintenance. Reporting and tracking features make it easy to identify trends or recurring problems.

Inspect any vehicle, anywhere

ES Track accelerates the maintenance cycle by allowing remote inspection on any vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, your mechanics will know the problem — and have the solution — before leaving the garage. And that means one thing: your fleet is back up and running in no time. ES Track keeps your fleet on the road and on the job. Stay on top of important maintenance for your assets and don’t let unforeseen downtime cost you time and money.

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When every piece of equipment is monitored, you won’t miss a thing.

If a truck’s tires consistently lose air pressure or another hasn’t had regular oil changes, vehicle diagnostics is keeping track.

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Built by contractors, for contractors, ES Track has the features you need to solve the problems you face every day. This means better efficiency, less downtime and bigger profits.

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