Equipment Usage Reporting

Get a full analysis of overall fleet usage

Are you taking full advantage of every asset in your fleet? With ES Track, you’ll know for sure. Stop guessing and start learning how your fleet really works — then turn that knowledge into profit.

Create Equipment Usage Reports

Reduce idling time and fuel consumption

ES Track can tell you where your equipment is and what it’s doing at any given moment — including when it’s sitting still. An asset might idle for hours each day, or even just an extra 20 minutes, and usually you’d have no idea. Now, you can pinpoint which vehicles are using too much fuel and cut their consumption. Save money and resources with ES Track.

Add to your fleet or earn money with rentals

Maybe you’ve got a mini excavator doing overtime, shuttling back and forth between jobsites. On the other hand, an asphalt compactor is rarely used. With telematics, it’s easy to see when assets can be put to better use. Decide if it’s time to add to your fleet or put assets to work earning rental income.

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ES Track gives you the tools you need.

You can’t be everywhere at once, so ES Track goes with you. Log in from any browser, anywhere in the world. ES Track is fleet management for the future.

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Built by contractors, for contractors, ES Track has the features you need to solve the problems you face every day. This means better efficiency, less downtime and bigger profits.

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