Minimize Service-Related Downtime 

Digital Work Orders streamline maintenance processes.

Work Orders

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Digital Work Orders put everything
in one convenient location.

Fleet managers assign work tickets from ES Track's centralized maintenance hub from any internet-connected phone, tablet or computer. Technicians are digitally notified and can see everything they need to know, including asset location, details about the service and job priority.

Faster, more efficient service.

GPS Tracking

No more hide-and-seek. GPS tracking tells technicians exactly where assets are located on jobsites.

Paperless Process

No more lost orders. There’s no paperwork to misplace, because there is no paper.

Digital Checklists

Digital checklists verify that the work order was received, when service is underway and when the job is done.

Better Communication

Eliminate miscommunication and time wasted trying to decipher illegible handwriting.

Real-Time Data

Get up-to-the-minute information from any phone or tablet with tethered internet access.

User-Friendly Design

Users can add notes, ask and answer questions, and track status all from one location.


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