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Built by contractors, for contractors, ES Track has the features you need to solve the problems you face every day. This means better efficiency, less downtime and bigger profits.

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The most accurate data

Say goodbye to messy paper records, input errors and guesses about equipment usage.
ES Track automatically records important data and gives you the functionality you need to operate more efficiently.

  • Hours of operation, down to the minute

  • Custom access codes to prevent unauthorized use and tell you who’s using equipment and when

  • Geofences set areas of operation for each piece of equipment in your fleet

  • Customizable dangerous driving alerts with driver scorecards and real-time driver behavior

  • ELD-compliant Contractor E-logs to effortlessly track hours of service (HOS) and generate records of duty status (RODS)

  • IFTA report generation, so you never miss another due date or pay another fine

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