Track Your Equipment

ES Track aggregates data from your entire construction equipment fleet eliminating the need for multiple dashboards from different OEMs. Get a better view of your operation and increase your utilization. 

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Features of ES Track

We built a construction equipment telematics solution with contractors, construction fleet owners and heavy equipment managers in mind. We put your fleet back to work for you with features all designed to provide efficiency, reduce costs and maximize uptime.

  • Next-level security with remote access control
  • ELD compliant with Contractor E-logs feature (FMCSA self-certified)
  • Geofencing and custom alerts
  • IFTA reporting and fuel card integration
  • GPS equipment tracking for your entire fleet
  • Maintenance reporting and service scheduling
  • Driver scorecards and operator behavior reporting

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Equipment Management

Putting all the information you need to manage your construction equipment more effectively at your fingertips, ES Track takes the headache out of fleet management.

Single dashboard view

Manage and track all your construction equipment, regardless of OEM, from one convenient dash.

Complex reporting simplified

ES Track provides easy access to information on usage, maintenance, ELD compliance and IFTA reporting.

Customizable alerts

Stay up to date on runtime,
engine status, driver behavior and geofence locations to identify issues as they happen.

A New Standard for Safety

ES Track makes every jobsite safer by giving you the tools to prevent accidents before they happen.


Driver scorecards

Easily identify and address problem operators by tracking operating habits.


Hours of service tracking

Ensure OSHA and ELD compliance by tracking hours of service and generating alerts as limits are approached.


Prevent unauthorized use

When equipped with Sentry Keypad, ES Track gives you complete control over who’s using your equipment.

More Money in Your Pocket

ES Track comes with a suite of tools to help you budget more effectively, control costs and improve overall profitability.

Exact costs per minute

Easily calculate costs related to usage, fuel consumption and labor down to the penny.

More competitive bids

Never over- or underbid again. ES Track will ensure you’re delivering accurate bids for every job.

Better accounting processes

Integrate your existing timecard and accounting systems to minimize waste and redundancy.

Eliminate fines

Prevent costly penalties related to IFTA reports and the ELD Mandate.

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